First and Still the Finest ™

Manufacturing Advantage

Located in the prime, sisal growing heartland of East Africa, our state of the art manufacturing facility sets the world standard for the production of premium bristle dartboards, tungsten darts and all associated equipment.

With a unique, 100% vertically integrated, engineering foundation for in house component manufacture, the Group has unrivalled control over quality, innovation, research, development, production efficiency and speed to market, whilst at the same time, controlling costs and guaranteeing continuous supplies to our global customer base.

Dartboards for the World Stage

Sisal is one of the “Hard Fibre” family of plants, occurring naturally in the equatorial regions of East Africa and Latin America. It’s been in commercial use since the time of the Pharaohs and, because of its immense strength and durability, it’s been the choice of the British Admiralty for ropes and rigging for centuries. Despite years of research, no other fibre has successfully met the criteria required for manufacturing tournament specification bristle dartboards.

Each of the Group’s dartboards contains approximately two million prime, East African sisal fibres. Every fibre is individually lubricated, secured and circumferential compressed to a pressure of over 10 tonnes, to allow for smooth dart penetration, removal, maximum durability and ultimate scoring potential. 

Aerospace Grade Tungsten

At 19.3 grams per cubic centimeter, Tungsten is one of the heaviest metals on Earth. It’s over twice as heavy as steel and a massive seven times heavier than aluminium, making it the ideal material for consistently grouping slim projectiles into the small, high scoring zones on a dartboard.

Manufactured directly from tungsten concentrates by a unique powder metallurgy and sintering process that’s been refined over the last 50 years, the group is the largest producer of aerospace grade tungsten for sports applications in the World.

Sport engineered to incorporate the very latest in CNC mapping and PVD detailing, the Group’s tungsten darts are all individually Match Weighed to ensure complete consistency and accuracy.

Research & Development

With groundbreaking developments from the invention of the Bristle Dartboard to the launch of the world famous Blade Series, the Group prides itself on technological advancements and innovation. For the last 100 years, our goal has been simple – to provide the Dart player, recreational and professional alike, with the finest, most technically advanced equipment and the tools to win.

With countless millions of Pounds, Dollars, Euros and Yen etc available each year in prize funds, the search for any technological advantage, no matter how small, has never been more important.

It’s a fitting tribute to our team of outstanding engineers that our dartboards are the boards of choice at the Professional Darts Corporation and that our darts are used by so many of the world’s greatest Dart players.

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